Soon a new online digital market place for sellers within Luxembourg called platform service offers sellers to put up for sale both new and used items, with buyers able to find what they are looking for and complete a purchase online. platform offers a range of categories including real estate, automobiles, house wares, employment, fashion, beauty and sports, powered by a complex search engine. To start selling, registered users need just to "Open and online store" and publish details of their products for sale, including publishing photographs.

The logistics of delivery of the purchased goods is included in the online sale transaction, with contact between the seller and buyer enabled by either email or by telephone. platform also has a built in accounts and invoicing system to track all purchases and sales, as well as a 3 tier security system.

The new e-commerce site is secured with SSL encryption (Padlocked Secure Site) and can handle payments from all popular payment providers, Paypal e.t.c. Retailers or private users can setup an online store very easily, and extremely fast, for a reasonable fee., details on site. platform also has a full shipping tracking feature to track items in the post, a tracking number can be entered.

We conducted some market research over the last 2 years, and found that many people in Luxembourg would prefer to pay for items once they have viewed, this is handled as platform has a cash payments allowance too. The site also offers video selling, where the sellers can post a video of their items for sale too, as video selling is becoming very popular. Digital downloads like itunes is also available as an option for the digital platform. We believe that has everything to offer as an e-commerce platform for Luxembourg.

Production Stage.

We are currently just finishing the latest beta version of platform. Final adjustments are currently be made to the accounts system, and the online paypal payment system that is currently available as an alternative to cash, we have received clearance from our api with paypal, and a business account has been setup, so this is fully functioning. The online shipping module has been completed. platform is running on a linux apache webserver, and has full SQL database connectivity.

How platform fits into Luxembourgs digital economy.

Other online selling platforms outside of Luxembourg sometimes will not ship to Luxembourg, also there is allways the fear if the item will arrive. platform can service the local community, providing a digital platform for both business and private sellers alike, it functions very much like ebay, but is a local solution. If successful platform would create jobs as goods could be stored in a local shipping centre, a warehouse, ready to be delivered to local addresses as quickly as possible same day dispatch. platform could become the premier buying and selling platform for Luxembourg and also offer business, a very convenient way to put there retail store online, therefore boosting sales. We have looked at the current platforms available in Luxembourg, and none offer the options which are available in platform, there is currently no local online auction site in Luxembourg.

Growth it in the next three years

We would like to market platform, possibly together with Wort, publishing classified adverts in the Luxembourg newspaper, or others and posting then to platform. Marketing would included contacting potential sellers within Luxembourg explaining the new platform, and also offering training if needed. We would also like to possibility to expand the platform to Belgium and France, may have access to the platform in the future. platform also has a built in fees based system which charges users a small fee for advertising. This can be done as either a registration fee, commission sales based fee, or setup store fee, which is completely scaleable. Growth would be connected to the amount of traffic (Users) we can bring to the site in way of Advertising through various agencies, also we have a SEO search engine optimization expert, who is confident we can place well in the search engine, so the site will promote itself on line too.

I am a php developer and computer programmer. I have been working in the Information technology sector in the UK for 25 years. Currently I several other successful cloud based internet servers running successfully, which I have programmed. I have spent the last 2 years writing platform in my spare time for Luxembourg, and I have a working proto type currently on line, running on an internet server. The pro type is fully functional.